Friday, 22 June 2012

Getting it

It's 6 am in the morning, jayden woke us at 5:00am. So instead of letting him wake the kids I geared us up and went for a walk.

The first bit of exercise I've done since I've been here. We walked to the local garage and I bought a coffee. So strong here, they love their coffees. The morning bought a lot of men on their way to work, most in their 40s to 50s to the service station to get fuel or coffee like me. We walked by a few as we walked into the store and each one gave jayden a huge genuine smile. It made me so happy I wanted to cry. Some people in this world just 'get it'. They see the world and everything in it for what it is and nothing else. They see jayden as the beautiful little two year old that he is, the little fighter that he is and treat him as such. Others stare, judge him, move away quickly because they think they'll catch something or simply pretend he doesn't exist. These men got it, and they made jayden feel great. Normal. Because he is. He's just been dealt a rotten card but at the end of the day he's just a two year old. The only thing that's not normal about him to me is his super courage and bravery.
As we crossed the road to go back jayden saw a convertible sports car stop at the lights and he was so excited. The man in it gave him a wave and made his day. Another person who 'gets it'.
It's so nice to be around people like this. My dad is such a man and I miss him dearly since we have been here. He always treats everyone no matter who they are, what they have or whatever with the same respect and dignity. He 'gets it' and always has.

I'm now writing much later in the day, it's 6;45pm and jayden is asleep next to me. He didn't have his treatment till after 9:00am today and we didn't get back to the apartment till after eleven, I think? We spent the rest of the day hanging out here, watching tv, having nerf gun battles and eating. It was really nice and everyone especially jayden were happy. The kids got a parcel in the mail today from our beautiful new friends in Houston and they were stoked. Each got something and they were all so happy about it. There was sidewalk chalk in the parcel as well and they spent ages drawing on the newly painted black carpark- not black anymore! thankyou Liam and piola.

The kids are out with Danny at the moment seeing the new movie BRAVE and I'm snuggling next to my scrumptious little man. He was amazing today. When I picked him up in the treatment room today and took him to the spot where i stand holding him while they inject the milky fluid he just put his head on my shoulder and snuggled in, preparing himself for the effect of the drug. I couldn't believe it. He still whimpered as he felt it take effect but was asleep in no time. I laid him down carefully for the team and left. I couldn't believe how brave he was. He never stops amazing me with his strength.
Not long after they called me back in, he was still asleep and again today very groggy when he woke up, even worse than yesterday. I am so glad it's Friday so he has the weekend off. We are going to buy a cake tomorrow for him to celebrate his achievements. Every night before we go to bed he insists on watching a short video on my phone that I took of the nurses at PMH bringing in a cake to him in his hospital bed for his birthday and celebrating his birthday with him. He loves it and every night asks for it. So we decided we would celebrate his achievements so far and make another short video.
I forgot to mention that I spoke to dr Chang today and he told me
he has been talking to dr Goldman and they are all going to Toronto next week for a conference with a lot of other oncologist. He said he would be talking about jaydens case and I am looking forward their return next Thursday. The doctors here without a doubt are amazing they really make you feel like you are the only person they are treating.
Jayden had a good day today and that makes me happy. I hope with all my heart they he has a lifetime of days like today. And I know that my little man if given the chance, will grow to be a man that 'gets it' because he already does.

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  1. Dear Leisl, I have just finished reading through your blog, what a wonderful beautiful courageous little man you have and so lucky to have a beautiful family & mum to love & support him. I loved today's post, Jayden will be in my thoughts & prayers and I wish you all the best with his treatment, keep positive and keep doing what you do best, loving him and fighting on his behalf, much love to Jayden, Kia Kaha from the Bessant family in NZ