Monday, 9 July 2012

6 more treatments to go

Jayden did his 22nd treatment today and only 6 more to go.
He was pretty happy to be at Procure today as they have a new play kitchen in the playroom and it's a beauty. Biggest play kitchen I've ever seen. With microwave, dishwasher, phone, all with buttons you press that make noise. Heaps of plastic food and crockery, loads of fun. Jayden was loving it and didn't want to leave. When Maryanne came to get him he Scooped up some Plastic cups in his hands to take with him to the treatment room. Wanted to take a bit of the kitchen with him. They weighed him today and he had put on 0.1 of a kilo! Yah for Jayden.

After his treatment had finished he insisted on going back into the playroom and continued to play with the kitchen. on unsteady feet from the anesthesia and all, but he didn't care. It was really nice actually as both our favorite people (of the many favorites we have here) Maureen and christine, played with him in the playroom and I got to chat to them as well. I am so going to miss these lovely people. Definitely wish I could fit them all in my suitcases and take them home with us.
Sadly we can't and will have to leave them soon.

After treatment we bundled the kids in the car and drove out to yet another park but this time in Aurora. It didn't end up being quite what we had expected but glad we went out all the same.
Came home, had dinner and now laying next to jayden sleeping.

Every night I put him to bed, we read some books, look at photos of the day on my iPhone then I lay next to him till he sleeps. When he does I never want to get up. I just want to lay there holding him listening to him breathing. Watching the peacefulness in his face. Perfect.

Tomorrow we have our last appointment with dr Goldman. Will be very very sad to say goodbye to him. A gorgeous person and wonderful doctor.
Wish we could pack him in our suitcase too.
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  1. Dear Leisl, what a great Journey you all had in Chicago. They will be so sad to see you go ;-( please give Dr.Goldman a big hug from me (you might have to tell him about crazy Research Nut) lots of love xoxox

  2. Fantastic photos.They make my soul smile.

  3. Leisl, you write so beautifully. I feel like I know you and I've never met you. Jayden has completely captured my heart. I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him. Thanks for sharing Jaydens Journey because without your blog I'd be a whole lot more ignorant.