Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A busy day

I'm laying next to jayden and its
7:30pm. He's still not quite asleep but not long till he will be. The sound of the neighbours air conditioner is humming in the background, a sound I'm so use to now. When it starts up it makes a rAther loud noise that reminds me of the sound of the tugboats in Fremantle Harbour horns that they blow when bringing in a ship. It's weirdly alike and reminds me of home when I hear it. In some ways I'm looking forward to coming home, especially to see family and friends but we leave behind friends here too. Very sad.

Jayden got off to a rocky start today with his early morning visit to the hospital but he made it his treatment and they let him sleep more than usual after his treatment so he could catch up on sleep lost. We eventually had to wake him after an hour or so and take him home. by lunchtime however danny and him were ready to go down for another nap.

While they did that I took the kids to see the movie ice age 4. Was great , always fun to go out to the movies-you get to sit down eat a pile of junk food and be entertained. Kids loved it and so did I. Came straight home after that, much to Luke's disgust who since we have been here has discovered games that you pay money to play (can't remember the correct name for them) and is seriously hooked. We Managed to get out and home without a dummy spit though which was great.

Arrived home to two gorgeous men, one danny and the other Jayden in well rested good moods. So decided to take advantage of that And venture out again. After 15 minutes in the car it wasn't looking like such a good idea due to kids fighting And yelling at each other. Reminded me off the days my own father would threaten to stop the car and turf us out if we didn't shut up and with that we did as we knew well enough that he stuck to his word and unless we wanted tobe left out on the pavement we shut the hell up. I'm not sure how I ended up such a pansy of a parent as I'm no way near as strict as my father was. I don't know if it's be ause I now have a very ill child or if I always was soft. I must admit I'm not that soft Sometimes as i do do my fair share of yelling but it's never quite as effective as when my dad did it. Maybe my kids no I'm bluffing? Anyway we kept going with our journey and half an hour later we made it to our destination- rainforest cafe!

You really have to go to this place to experience how cool it is for kids. Totally decked out like a rainforest, with life size toy animals that move and background rainforest sounds to create the ambience and huge aquariums all around. and to top it off they make a yummy margarita. first time I'm had one of them in a very very very long time.

Kids had a ball, we got to relax, sort of, for a while and an hour or so later we were on our way back home.
Jayden is now asleep. My scrumptious little angel. Tomorrow is his last day of radiation treatment and we will begin the countdown till we go home. It will be the end of an amazing experience. A sad experience as this whole process is but made so much more bare able by wonderful people. I can't praise them enough. I know my little man is going to miss going into procure and playing in the playroom, chatting to maureen and Christine and helping her work. ( at least that's what he thinks he's doing). Helping maryanne with cleaning his lines and setting up for treatment, again, helping may not be exactly what he's doing but he loves it and they love letting him do it. He's going to miss them all so much, that I know. These beautiful people have become like family to him, to us all and it's going to be so sad to take him away from them. I wish I could pack them all in my suitcase and they be forever a part of our lives. I hope they will be.

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  1. Leisl, just as all the wonderful people you have met have left a mark in your lives - so have you and your wonderful family left a place in theirs. It has been joyous and humbling to read of your daily family life. Wishing you all a safe trip home, much love Sharon x