Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blood results

It's 3:39am and we have been up since 2:30am after being woken by a phonecall from children's memorial hospital. Apparently the results from the bloods drawn from jaydens central line yesterday came back as positive for an infection. This means he could potentially have a blood infection or infection in his line. We were told we have to bring him in immediately and danny has just left with him. I'm hoping everything is ok. When we woke him he's as cherpy as he always is and has no temperature, so hoping thats all a good sign. Best case scenario is they draw some more blood and find the first results were incorrect. We are all Hoping for that but it will be a while before we find that out. This also means another day of no treatment.
Really hoping everything is ok.

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  1. hope all ok poor little man - Teresa xxx