Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A day in the Forrest

This picture is of jayden as he is as I'm writing this blog- sound asleep with a doll that he got from Procure. They have a treasure chest of toys there for the kids and every now and then Jayden gets to choose a toy from the box. This doll is one of the toys he chose. Not a car or dinosaur this time but a baby, and very happy about it too.

Today after his treatment we took the kids to a nearby nature reserve. We had gone there on sunday but got rained on so decided to head back there again today as the weather was fine. I would take Forrest walking any day over a city visit, and thats what we did when we were there. we walked to see one of the local attractions there known as devils cave. Which although small by some cave standards was interesting all the same and the kids loved it. We also spotted many squirrels and chipmunks on the way which is always a delight for the kids. We saw a raccoon last time we were here but not on today's visit.
After the walk we left to grab a bite to eat. While driving we found a fun ways centre where there is a bowling alley, ice rink, game centre, bumper cars, mini golf and water boats all under the same roof. We are obviously limited to what jayden can do even though he believes he's not so we just hung out at the game part and the kids had a ball playing video games and winning prizes. We finally got to eat whilst there but jayden didn't eat anything. This got me anxious to get home and offer him some of his favourite things. So we left, arrived home not long after and jayden had a little bit of a vegemite sandwich and glass of milk. So far so good, he has managed to keep down most of the bits of food he has eaten in the last couple of days. Extremely excited about that.
No treatment for Jayden tomorrow as its July 4th and a holiday here. It will be nice for him to have a break and hopefully give his poor head some time to heal. The skin at the back of his head is so raw and sore now and hurts to touch. He copes so well though, I know I wouldn't.

Not long before bed time he was playing in the cupboards. He loves to hide in them and gets a real kick out of hiding from his brother and sister.

This is a picture of the kids mucking about in the car while we were waiting for dad to get some much needed supplies from the shops. They were great today as always. Although they are all ready to go home. Not long now though. Jaydens last treatment is on the 17 th of July and we fly out the following Monday. They really miss their friends, school and home. But coping really well all things considered.
Had a good day today. It was busy and no time to think. Its at night when everything is quiet and there's nothing to do that I think of what lies ahead. I wish I knew what exactly did lie ahead, a crystal ball would be nice. Some sign or knowledge that Jayden is going to be ok, that he will sail through mega therapy and live for a long time. I wish I knew. It's the not knowing that wrecks my brain. I hate it. I cry for him every night I go to bed. I cuddle him and hold him tight and hope with all my heart that we see another night together and another and another. And as many as we can.

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