Friday, 13 July 2012


The last couple of days we were fortunate enough to spend with some amazingly kind and fabulous people. Joe Saunders and his amazing crew hung out with us to get footage of Jayden And his treatment as part of a three minute documentary about proton beam therapy and how it
Is a way into the future.

It was an interesting experience in that they were complete strangers when we met them but by the time it was time to say goodbye we were very sad to see them leave. Genuinely kind, warm, funny and fabulous company. Beautiful with jayden and Layla and Luke and gentle in their approach to a difficult time. Danny and I were also interviewed which was extremely difficult as talking about the past takes us back to the saddest point in our lives to date. However they were wonderful in the way it was handled and I so wish we had more time to get to know them better.

This whole journey has been filled with meeting people who we have felt become good friends overnight. Come Monday the 23rd we will be leaving so many wonderful people behind but never will we forget their kindness, support and friendship.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful people have been to us.
From people assisting us financially to helping us get here to those that lend an ear or work to bring a smile to our face.
They have all left a special memory in our minds and touched our hearts.

From a shit situation has come a special closeness to people whom were once strangers. My brave little man has bought us all together and without knowing, touched so many hearts.

I watch him now as he sleeps and I hope one day he will bring all these people together once again but this time in celebration of his recovery.


  1. How beautiful! What a great experience. Can't wait to see that doco and hopefully it can win the competition:-) hugs Nadja

  2. Everything that is great in life is built on remarkable people - it is not just the medical technology that is so powerful, in fact it is nothing without that beautiful blend of giving that you have just mentioned. At least that form of medicine touches every patent in the family and not just Jayden. Cuddle them all lots in the next few days. xx

    1. I am amazed by your strength and I think you are an angel, an absolutely remarkable human being, so special. From a mother of two small children (in Western Australia) that prays for your family. Sent with Love frm Natalie