Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dr Goldman

We were all there when jayden woke up from his treatment today and he was so very excited to see us all there. He sprung up in bed as soon as he heard the kids voices and was ready to play. He wanted to go straight to the new kitchen in the playroom at Procure to show Layla and Luke and we hung out there until it was time for our appointment with Dr Goldman. Unfortunately though today was not a good day for Jayden. He was so cranky when we got there that it was difficult for Dr Goldman to examine him and impossible for us to chat with Dr Goldman. I was so disappointed, it was very unfortunate. Danny and I had so many questions we wanted to ask him in person but couldn't as we had to leave due to Jayden being so miserable. I dont blame him though as normally we would be home and he would be playing and having something to eat.
Dr Goldman did try everything to amuse Jayden though and had us all laughing but not poor jayden. He had luke catapulting balls of rubbish off a rubbish bin lid and encouraged him to throw his sticky ball at the window. Very funny. Layla and luke had a blast but Jayden just wasn't up for it. He just did not want to stay, I think he had just had enough and wanted to go back to his kitchen at Procure.
Nevermind. Sadly it's the last time we will see Dr Goldman in Chicago but he did tell us that when Jayden is older and gets married he wants an invite to the wedding and that he will be there. I hope we get to send that invite, more than anything in the world that would be the best thing ever.
I will miss Dr Goldman dearly. We all will but hopefully we will see him at Jaydens wedding.

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