Sunday, 15 July 2012

Great America amusement park

Today was the beginning of yet another new day and as always we were woken bright an early by our rascal boy Jayden. Chatting away about everything and anything at 5am in the morning. As bright as a button he is in the morning and always eager to get outside and into everything possible. What is it about us adults that we have lost that enthusiasm to spring out of bed and get outside and into the day. Instead I find myself laying in bed wishing more sleep would come. Thank goodness for small children to not allow us to waste a single second of the day. And to show an effort to go really hard today we decided to brave the unknown and venture out to the Great America Six Flags amusement park in Illinois. The kids had seen it on the Internet and insisted we went. so we did.
Jayden on one of the rides 
It took us a little over an hour to get there and even though we made it there before it was open there were masses of people already there with the same idea. This amusement park is huge, nothing like any of us have ever seen before. Probably not the best place to take Jayden but he managed quite well considering it was sweltering hot and there's not much shade there. It's definitely not the most relaxing way to spend a Sunday, would much rather a nature reserve myself but the kids were excited and enjoyed it and i managed to have fun because of them. They did hate all the walking And the heat but there wasn't a lot i could do about that although plenty of times they asked. If only i could work miracles and if so changing the weather would not be on the top of my list.

We did manage to have a good time though, all things considered. but its always difficult to take a family to something like that without a whinge or two from the kids or mum and dad having a spit as well. I find myself always wanting our days to be perfect though and I've come to realize that that's just not a realistic goal. I'm beginning to think that maybe my expectations are too high and that maybe its just better to be happy with our new normal rather than wanting perfect. I just worry (there I go again) that with everything already happening to our family I just don't want all our memories to be sad ones and so I try to cram in as many fabulous and most of all happy days in their lives as I can. This has become very important tome. That we are happy, Especially for Jayden. Everyday I want him to see something new, try something new, and experience something new. I want a massive long checklist of things he should do in his life and spend the rest of his life checking them off. Today he can check of 'been to a massive amusement park in America'. Yesterday he checked of ' ate at California pizza restaurant with family and tomorrow we will think of something new again.

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  1. Gasp!! California Pizza Kitchen is NOT Chicago pizza (which you guys probably won't like anyway). But let's just say you might like it, so you'd go to Giordano's in downtown Naperville and order a deep dish pizza. Just saying... : )