Friday, 27 July 2012

MRI results for now

Jayden is feeling better and that means we are all happier. He was so excited to see the kids in the morning yesterday when they came in and back to his happy smiley self.
He had to have an MRI as the follow up to the radiation he completed and Dr Goldman rang me last night to tell me it all appeared good but will talk to me today after he has compared it to the other one Jayden had previously here.
So relieved so far and hope when I speak to him today it will be fine still.
I'm so happy to see my little happy man back and am really looking forward to seeing him this morning. It was Danny's night to stay last night and although I hated saying goodbye to jayden last night he was so brave and didn't cry. He knows his dad is great and is so very good with him. This whole mess has certainly bought us so much closer as a family and we cherish every minute we have with each other. We have the gift of knowing that there is no promise of tomorrow.

I'm laying here now with my beautiful two other children while they sleep. As always one on either side of me and I wouldn't have it any other way. I miss them when I'm away from them at the hospital and its so nice to be so close to them now.
I woke up early today worrying about our flight and tickets and packing and of course jayden. it's so difficult to be doing all this and living back and forth at the hospital, there just isnt time for anything.

Im looking forward to seeing my little man this morning and want to get in there as soon as we can as he is due for a lumbar puncture and I want to be there with him.
He goes through so much on a daily basis and I still don't know to this day how he manages it.

I know at the moment I am so relieved to see him smiling again and can't wait to give him a big squeeze when I see him and plant his entire body with kisses.

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  1. Love and blessings to you Liesl my beautiful cousin. I am sure there are many people all over the world wondering how you do it. Keep strong and loving to yourself and wonderful family. Big hugs Bruce

  2. Such great news Leisl, goose bumps all over :). Enjoy giving him those kisses and really happy to hear Jayden is back to his smiley self, gosh he really is an amazing child (just like his Mummy).


  3. Yayyyy :-))) a great start to my weekend!! You are doing an amazing job Leisel , big kisses for Jayden all the way from Perth xxxx

  4. Leisl, I have read your blog from the beginning and your journey has been a rollercoaster of raw emotion. I truly believe that parents are chosen for their child and in your case your little Jayden would, or could not have "chosen" better parents. There is no stronger advocate for a child than his mother. Do not doubt your strength, you and your family are "everything" that your little man needs to fight this cancer. You would be amazed to know how many people read you blog daily and support your family. Keep strong and thank you for sharing. Love and Blessings to you and your beautiful family x

  5. Leisl, stay strong. We're all praying for Jayden.

  6. Leisl, Jayden gets his strength from you and his family. You all stay strong and he will conquer all. You are a good Mommy, his Daddy is a good Daddy, and his Brother and Sister are also good babies. You all have so much support from so many people. We love you all so much!