Saturday, 28 July 2012

MRI update

Dr Goldman rang yesterday and they have compared scans and so far so good, no sign of disease. we can breath a sigh of relief for now. We know it's just for now, that anything can happen as the nature of this type of cancer
Is nasty and aggressive. But a good scan means we have more time and right now, everyday is a blessing.
I stayed last night at the hospital with Jayden. He slept really well and has woken up really sprightly. I, not so much. Beautiful to see him happy and walking around. He's still vomiting but not as often.
Jayden getting he's vital signs taken by our wonderful nurse Deirdre.

One more night and we are out of hospital! I'm so looking forward to that for Jayden. I know he will be so excited when we get to walk out the door and into the car! The nurses tell us we should be out by lunchtime and I hope it's not a second later.

I love this picture of Jayden and his dad!

We are sitting on his hospital bed at the moment watching Kung fu panda. Danny and the kids are on their way in and I know jayden will be so happy to see them.

It's been so wonderful to have us all together again during the first seven weeks we were here and a bummer to spend the last weeks apart. I know it's what to come when we return and I'm dreading it but looking forward to having us all home again tomorrow night! Then Monday, the following day we will be flying home! Still can't believe this part of the journey is over. I only hope the next part goes as fast, and if not, faster...


  1. What fantastic news that everything is clear! Just what everyone who has followed your blog has been hoping and praying to hear. While it must be terrifying for you to contemplate the 'what next...' type things, for now it is a fairly great success story and something for your beautiful family to celebrate. Jayden is so incredibly strong that he has come through this with flying colours so far (as well as with a smile on his face nearly all the time!)and, at this stage, that is what you can hold onto when you feel fear for the future - he is such a little fighter. What a resilient, gorgeous, brave little warrior you have and you should be so proud of yourselves for your strength and courage too and for the enormous amount of love your family has.

  2. That is some little Angel!
    I have tried to follow you but I I haven't been able to everyday,I can say my prayers have been with you every minute,I know God has control of this and it will be done in his time,I have been praying way before you come to the united states and I can see the sparkle in his eyes and the glow around his face,oh yeah now that Is the angel's camped out all around him!
    And they will be with him always!
    Thank you for opening the door to your familes life,I love you all and when you get home take you a little break and always give God the Glory...
    Kathie Lea


    Saw this article about Jayden this morning, great news!

  4. Just saw the awesome news about your beautiful boy! What a champion! Must make the thought of coming home that much more wonderful for you. What a lovely article too with such a great photo. Bit confused, though...didn't you get the government grant thingy to pay Jayden's bills? But the article says you have costs of hundreds of thousands of $$$s - do you have to pay for it now? Do you still need donations? That must take the gloss off your good news!