Sunday, 1 July 2012

problems blogging

I have blogged three times in the past few days and each time I thought it got posted and it didnt and I lost the damn things. Not happy about that.
Our laptop is getting looked at as we had a virus in it which we thought we had got rid of but needed to have it checked out in case we didint, so I had to blog on my phone. Because I changed all my passwords for fear of identity theft now for some reason my iphone wont let me blog anymore. I do hate that Im not techno savy as when things like this happen I havent a clue what to do.
Anyway i have had a chance to escape and quickly blog on the computer at the clubhouse where we are staying, so Im going to write as much as I can that has happened in the last few days, again! And hopefully it will post this time.

Im not sure if I managed to get the blog up about the MRI being ok, but it was. Dr Goldman still has to compare it to the other scans but from what he can see att he moment it appears to be good. We wont hear from him as to how it compared until Thursday this week as he will be away again for the beginning of the week.

I also am not sure if I mentioned that I had a quick chance to talk to him about Jayden and his protocol. Last week Dr Goldman and a bunch of other onchologists met at Toronto for a meeting. There also was Dr Chang and Dr Nick from PMH. Dr Goldman he told me he would discuss our protocol with Dr Nick and others and told me they had collectively decided that Jayden should remain on the protocol that he is doing. Actually as I write this its sounding very familiar and quite possible this blog did get posted. So I'll move on to the next topic.

On Friday after Jaydens treatment we went into Chicago again but this time were more prepared and had a map rather than relying soley on the GPS, which was far less stressful and we didnt get lost. Did have to do a bit of four wheel driving across a big curb in the middl eof the road in order to get bakc on the right street but other than that everything went quite smooth.

Im actually goin gto post this now just to make sure it goes on and then continue once Ive seen its posted, will continue soon.....

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