Friday, 6 July 2012

Sore head

Jaydens asleep. He's snuggled up so close to me I don't wAnt to move. I want to close my eyes so bad and go to sleep with him as im so tired. But i dont. Have to get up soon and help Danny with Layla and Luke.
The last couple of days I've found I've had the least amount of energy since we have been here. I figure it's because we are getting ready to go home and lots to think about and do. I don't know? Maybe just The same but noticing it more. Jayden was certainly more tired than usual today and very cranky most of the day. We do find towards the end of the week he is struggling and seems more tired than usual and cranky because of it. The back of his head is so very sore as well now and that's bothering him a lot. When we took him out today with the kids after his treatment he was not happy at all when we were driving. The back of his head was rubbing on his seat and he was very bothered about it. Bless him though as he didn't whinge about it for long and just accepted it. He's so not like me, I would have most certainly still been whining about it and all the way back home. But not jayden, he whinged heaps to start with and we almost turned bAck but then not again for the rest of the day. He really enjoyed the nature reserve we went to, all the kids did. They got to pat a Fox snake and a turtle and Luke asked the lady if she would take the madacascar cockroach out to pat and they got to pat that too! Yuck! But jayden insisted we ALL pat it. Ewww! Unusual little creatures. Have been around since before dinosaurs apparently. I wonder what their secret is?

Very hot day today, we were all glad to be back in the air conditioning at the apartment. Had a fun day and now ready for bed. No treatment tomorrow and am so pleased for jayden about that. Only seven more days of treatment to go!

I will be very sad to say goodbye to all the beautiful people we have met but very glad to see jayden finish doing radiation. Not looking forward to the next step.

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  1. Lovely photos of a lovely family - walk tall.

  2. What wonderful photos !!! And that cute little monkey Jayden !!!! Just beautiful. I send you all of our love and prays, stay strong. Your family is amazing. Xxxx

  3. Nature had wonderful restorative effects for all, so continue to enjoy your times in it together. I can't believe it is only 7 days to go, be proud you have done everything and more for Jayden. On day at a time. Love to you all Sharon x