Friday, 20 July 2012

Still in hospital

It's Friday afternoon and Jayden is still in hospital with no news as yet about when he can leave or what exactly is going on. Spoke to the nurse yesterday and she told us it appears he has an infection in his lines and that the broviac will have to be removed. However today it is still in and I'm not sure what's happening. Unfortunately it is Friday so I'm kinda anxious to find out what's going on because anyone who has had their child in hospital for any length of time knows that come the weekend no one is around to find out anything so I most definitely do not want to sleep on all this.

Just spoke with the nurse, thank goodness, and she told me his infection is in his blood, not the lines. So his line has to remain and depending on how the bacteria reacts to the antibiotics over the weekend will depend on whether or not his broviac will be removed on Monday. I just want to take him home. He wants to be with his brother and sister and all of us hate this.
It's a taste of things to come and we are all already over it.
Having so much time together as a family has been so good and I so don't want it to stop.this will always suck, it's just crap.

On top of that we are having difficulties with our flight changes and it's all a bit of a mess right now. If only life was easier.

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  1. Hello my lovely, thinking of you... Beautiful pics of you and Jayden. Sharon xxx

  2. I hope that the antibiotics do the trick and that Jayden and you get to be back with the family soon, and also that flights can be sorted without too much hassle. He is such an amazing little man, slways smiling, like his mummy! Praying for your family daily. Love Natalie ,WA