Friday, 24 August 2012

Blood counts

Today jayden and I headed into Hospital for his blood counts, all set for an 'all day event'. This time when we got there hardly anyone was there and we were able to get his blood taken without waiting, yah! Some Elma cream applied to his leg ready for his daily GCSF injection in his leg and then we had to go away and come back in an hour.

So off we trotted and luck would have it a crane was operating on a nearby worksite and that's pretty much where we spent that entire hour, watching the crane. Headed back and bloods had come back indicating he should have a blood transfusion however there was some discrepancy because his red blood count was at 71 and anything below 70 they do a transfusion. Because he was just over, one doctor said yes, but another said no and luckily we were able to go with the 'no', with the promise that if anything changes we bring him straight in. And that was great news. Also his neutrophils are up from 0.2 to 1.9 which is brilliant. Crossing our fingers everything else comes up as quick as it can.

Not long after the blood transfusion decision, we were in the treatment room so Jayden could get his dressing changed. A weekly procedure that sucks. Taking a bandage of a child is not nice but removing an entire half chest dressing which has ample tape on it is awful. He hates it. Sometimes it's not too bad for him and he cruises through it but today was like most dressing changes, painful and just plain yuck.

Straight after that he got his injection in his leg and by then he was well and truly ready to get out of there. So was I and it wasn't long after that they let us home. Arrived home just after lunch with Jayden snoozing in the car.

So glad it wasn't an all day event as it has been in the past but in particular today as I needed to take my other son Luke to the doctors. He has been for a long time now watching television with his head tilted. I hadn't thought much of it as had been preoccupied with jayden so just didnt think about it too much at all. But when we were in the states his sister Layla asked about it and he told her that it's blurry when he looks straight. A few goes on google and it was looking like double vision. A few more searches on google and it's related to a brain tumor so not long after that I've been so stressed worrying about being so damn unlucky twice!

I took him to the only doctor in the many, many doctors we saw with jayden that spotted something was up. She was confident that Luke is fine and just may have some vision difficulties so off to the optometrist next. How much do I wish they had said that with jayden too.

Danny and I often see parents leaving with their kids from PMH and you can see they have been their all night but are now going home. It reminds us of the time I went in with jayden in the wee hours of the morning but never returned home till months later. How lucky those parents are and they really don't know exactly how lucky they are. Wish we were them.

Anyway, back to Jayden. He's home still, he's doing well and managing amazingly under the circumstances. He truly makes me look like a big pansy.
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