Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blood transfusion today

I'm laying awake at night once again along side my three most favorite men in the world. Luke to my right, jayden to my left and Danny squished at the end.
they are all snoring of course and I am still awake. Don't know what it is about these boys but they never seem to have any problems falling asleep, I want what their having.
I'm back on that darn rollercoaster of emotions and hit yet another low this morning, but I got myself out of the house and away from my thoughts and grabbed a cab to the hospital to be with Danny and Jayden.

Huge big smile and squeal of delight i got from Jayden when he saw me and instantly my mood was lifted. I love this little boy so much I just want to squeeze him in a big hug that would last a lifetime and never ever let him go.
He was just super happy and didn't stop chatting to me about his toys he was playing with and a whole lot of other stuff I'm yet to be able to interpret. I sat with him on the hospital floor, played cars and was just so very happy to be with him. No more staying at home by myself EVER again.

He got his bloods back today and they did a big dip down. I still feel new at all this stuff and didn't understand why they dropped so much when they had got so high. so i asked of course. Apparently the injection he has everyday that helps his counts come up stop once they reach a certain point. then everything drops back down but not as far as in the beginning and his cells are then left to come back up on their own. I'm sure it's far more technical than that but that's my interpretation.
So his red blood cells were really low and that meant he had to have a blood transfusion. He was so good about it all even after already getting yet another dressing change. It takes just over two hours and he sat happily playing on the bed for all that time. He just gets it and that amazes me. Never asks questions or argues, just accepts it and gets on with it.
I think he quite enjoys these quick visits because he's started to get to know all the nurses in outpatients and they talk and play with him and he loves the attention. One of the lovely ladies there played cars with him on the floor while I went to the toilet and she had him in fits of laughter. Geez it made me smile. When I hear his laugh it's just truly magic. There's no better sound for me. I want to hear it for the rest of my life. It's the one time I can breath. It's the one time that the heavy weight on my shoulders and heart is lifted.

It was another long day there but because I came in, danny was able to go home and get some work done.
He then returned later to pick us up just in time to come home for dinner which Danny cooked. Yah.

I've just taken some panadol to relieve a niggling headache which I'm sure is stress related and am going to hopefully be snoring like my wonderful sleep buddies soon. And I intend to go to sleep dreaming of his laughter.


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