Wednesday, 22 August 2012

low platelets

We took Jayden in to PMH hospital today to get his blood counts done. It showed he was low in platelets so we had to remain there while he got some through his broviac line. By the time it was all over we we were home by dinner. Our appointment was early in the morning and were hoping we would be home in time to pick kids up for school and organize dinner but as always, didn't happen. Never mind.

Our next appointment is this Friday when he has to have his counts done again and his dressing changed on his Broviac line. likely to have blood transfusion then as well, according to nurses so we will be in for the day again, but that's better than staying the night. in fact Jayden was getting himself so worked up when he was hooked up to the transfusion today as he thought he was staying. I'm so glad we didn't have to and of course, so was he.

When we got home he was so excited to see his brother and sister and his toys. it truly is his best medicine for him- being home.

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