Friday, 10 August 2012

My little man

Jaydens not himself. The effects of the chemo are slowly kicking in and he's just not his smiley happy self. He doesn't want to be moved and objects strongly to his six hourly bath. Fortunately last night our beautiful nurse sympathized with that at 2:00am and allowed me to wipe him down in his bed instead. Poor little might he doesn't understand. All he wanted to do is sleep which right now must be the best medicine. the nurses allowed him to sleep in today as well which was magic, thank goodness it's Saturday and not hectic and rushed in here like a Monday. So our schedule was able to be made flexible, yah for that.

He's watching madagascar on the DVD player at the moment because he watched ' cars' so often that it no longer works. Madagascar will be next no doubt.

He's stem cell transplant is due on Monday, today and tomortow are rest days.

He doesn't look himself. His cheeks and feet are swollen from the fluids and he just looks buggared. I know he is. He doesn't want to sit up which is usually the first thing he asks for and is something he is still unable to do without assistance.

I'm worried about his leg as well. When we first came in he had been limping all day and preferred to crawl rather than walk. They are going to X-ray it on Monday. I hope it is none of the things I am worried about.

This time since I've been in ward 3b I have met a lot of other parents walking a similar path to ours. I think when I was here last the parents were here still but I was unable to talk to anyone so i only met a few. I just wasn't in that head space back then and i couldn't leave my sons beside for a second. The parents i did meet back then i still see now and was so looking forward to seeing their faces when we returned. I missed them like family as that is what they feel like now.

This time round I'm ready to talk to more people and it has been very much needed. There is something very comforting about talking to parents in similar situations. A sense of understanding that no one else could possibly have. No story is the same but they are all taking one day at a time and hoping and praying for the best possible outcome. I hope for all these mums they get exactly that. I hope that we all can look back on this journey one day and know it was worth it to see our children well and happy.

My little man wants me. Big cuddles he needs I hope. My scrumptious little man...

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