Friday, 31 August 2012

Sick guest!

I've just woken from an awful dream. One of those you want to make sure you truly wake up from before you go back to sleep in case you slip back into it. Bit like my life really. One big awful dream but more appropriately put, nightmare. Except I can't wake up from it.
My dream tonight was about the kids but I don't want to blog it as I want it erased from my thoughts forever. Awful dream. My grandfather use to always say if your having nightmares, chances are you're sleeping hot." Too many blankets" he'd say. My mum believed that as well and I have to say, so do I. Sure enough I do feel as if I'm a little on the warm side and should probably turn the heater down or remove some covers.

It's 1am and I should go straight back to sleep but I'm not going to. Not until my mind has truly steered away from that dream. It's really made me feel yuck and. Quite abit scared so will wait un till its well and truly shaken off.

It took me ages to get to sleep tonight so major bummer I've woken a few hours later but never mind, as I know, there are worse things in life.

Couldn't sleep when I first got to bed, stressing about an unexpected visitor we had today. My uncle. Beautiful man and I love him dearly but what he bought with him was a "nasty cold", in his words. I wish I had of just told him to leave right then but I truly didn't know how too, Without sounding incredibly rude. So he stayed for a while, coughed a lot, and I'm not sure I have ever been so stressed about germs as I was while he was here.

People who haven't experienced this life truly have no idea how serious bringing a germ into our house is, and that's a shame. I'm starting to think we may need to have to put a big sign on our door telling them so, at least that would save me from feeling rude.

So now both Danny and I are stressed about what the next couple of days will bring as to whether or not jayden has in fact got his "nasty cold". Honestly, I'm so angry with myself, I truly need to get some courage and just tell people to leave when that happens.
Going to try and sleep.

It's morning now and Jayden was up yet again at the wee early hours of the morning. Once upon a time that would have driven me nuts, now I'm just so damn grateful we are at home and getting up together, it's brilliant.

Fast forward and it's in the afternoon. Jaydens having a nap and I'm sitting watching a DVD with my son Luke, although not actively watching.

I need to take this time before I end this blog to thank two beautiful ladies who came to our house yesterday, they know who they are and what they did for us. We want to let them know and their beautiful colleagues how wonderful we think they all are and how much we appreciate how kind they have been to our family. So thankyou.
I wish I could thank every person individually for their generosity, help and kind messages and thoughts and I hope one day I get to do exactly that. For every one who has helped and continues to do so you are all truly wonderful and we appreciate it all from the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. Oh we do hope the germs stay away, I would just say how it is as difficult as it would be....just a shame you have to but some people have no idea :(

    All the best to you all :)

  2. what a total bummer! Just post a sign that says "I am sure you understand, if you are even thinking you may be sick please stay away, it could put him in the hospital for a week"

  3. Hi Leisl
    In the 1919 there was a very bad flu outbreak & many died,excepting this farmer& his family who were all well.He was asked what he did & he said that he cut the top & bottom off an onion put it on a saucer& placed them under beds,lounge rooms etc.The doctors had the onions tested & found that they were full of bacteria & viruses.
    So for the last 2 years I done this procedure,just changing every week & half, we have had no colds or flu,even when my daughter came to stay when she was very ill with the flu(didnt listen to me about the onions)& I knew we would not get sick because of the onions,& we didnt.Anyway its worth a try to keep the bugs from your family.Many Of my friends & family follow this regime with great success.
    Read your blogs all the time & have many prayers for you all.
    Special blessings