Monday, 13 August 2012


If I just think about today and not the past or the future then I can say today was great. Jaydens stem cell transplant went well, there was no complications or reaction to the preservative they are kept in and he behaved as if nothing had happened.

He never vomited once today which was truly a miracle and he smiled, laughed and was generally his normal happy self. He was fortunate enough to have his fabulous neighbours come visit him in the morning and stayed till the stem cells were transplanted and after lunch his auntie Linda came and played with him for ages. He laughed so hard with her when they messed about and you couldn't have wiped the smile off his face or mine. When he's happy I'm happy and it was a good day to feel that today.

When you have a child with cancer you are forced to put your life into perspective. None of the petty little crap that bothered you before ever does again. What becomes important should have always been but we often take those things for granted. I will never take my child's health for granted nor my families love. I will always put those things first and any of the other crap I ever worried about before I know longer give a second thought. The most important thing in my life right now is getting my beautiful boy well and doing everything and anything I possibly can to make that happen. I won't sit up worrying about what I forgot to buy on the grocery list, or who said what in the playground, or that my house may be untidy or the car I drive an old bomb (not that I ever did worry too much about those things). But I won't worry if I miss out on a show or a party or whether I even got invited. And I won't care what I wear might not be up to scratch in others eyes or anything else that is so not worth worrying about.
Right now all that matters is today jayden is happy, that both my other children and danny are well and also happy and that's all I need. That's all that matters and that's all that should matter.

Tomorrow I am hoping and praying for the same.

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  1. And so am I Leisl! To another great tommorrow :-)) xox

  2. Good to hear! Illness really puts things into perspective for us doesn't it?
    Take care