Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We are home!

Yesterday wasn't quite as good as the day before because he started vomiting again in the morning. We were concerned this would affect his chances of coming home again but luckily the doctors said ok. We had to wait until late in the afternoon before we could actually go though as medications had to be made up for us to take home and he had to be given an antibiotic IV over two hours. Those waits seem to always take so much longer than they are, bit like waiting for a kettle to boil only longer.
We packed him up and headed home around five and on the way home I looked back at him in his car seat and he looked so very ill. I jumped in the back and sat with him holding his hand and he said nothing the whole way home. I was so worried as I thought we were going to have to drive back, he really looked unwell. BUT when we pulled into our driveway and he laid eyes on his sister Layla, he became a changed boy. We couldn't believe it! He was screaming her name over and over again till she heard him, pulling at his seatbelt to get out and when he finally got out he raced over to her squealing with delight! He then raced in side, well, wobbled fast, saw his brother and embraced him then got busy checking out all his toys that clearly he missed. The neighbours came over and he was so excited to see them and I truly don't believe I've ever heard him talk so much. His auntie linda is staying with us at the moment and he hasn't left her alone since we got back, absolutely beautiful. I am so glad they allowed him home because this truly is the best medicine for him.

We were told by our oncologist not to expect to be home more than a couple of days,if that, as he will most certainly spike a temperature and have to come back. So I repacked our bags last night ready to go back in should that happen in the middle of the night.
Luckily so far, so good. He's home and he is so very happy to be here and so are we to have him!

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  1. Well done Jayden. You're a champ. We never made it home during mega-therapy, Harvey would get sick just as we were packing our bags.

  2. I stumbled across jadens story on Facebook and I find myself checking everyday for updates. My son went through the same high dose treatment last year. We had three stem cell rescues. They were hard and at times I wanted to stop but the dr informed me they wouldn't put him through it if they didn't feel they could get him through it. We are being treated by dr. Goldman in Chicago. He is a wonderful man and Dr. My son had just turned two when he was diagnosed he will be five in two months. We have added Jaden to our prayers. This is not fair and no child should have to go through this.

    1. Anonymous, I would really like to discuss with you your child's journey. Please email me at leislmales@hotmail.com.
      Thank you for message and support.
      Hope to be in contact with you soon.