Sunday, 9 September 2012

A new day a new out look

A new morning a new day. Feeling like crap because of this dreadful cold and so is danny. Kids have got it too but you wouldn't know it. What is it about getting old and letting a cold get the better of you?
Better after a sleep though! Thank heavens for that! My goodness, i must have changed my blog entry last night about fifty times not sure where my head was at all yesterday. In a big depression hole again, gotta love that rollercoaster... Not! But every time i read it after i posted it it just didnt sit right with me. It sounded like i had given up on my son and i dont want to look back at an entry and think thats how i felt. Because no way is it. There is nothing in this world that will stop me fighting for him. Ill be in his corner forever theres no doubt about that. I know danny and i will never look back and say we didnt do enough because we are doing everything in our power and will continue to do so.
After this treatment is finished we are going to do everything to stop this revolting cancer coming back. I have been working on a plan with a fabulous naturopath to get jaydens little body back into tip top healthy shape and she also happens to be my sister in law. Beautiful lady and friend, very lucky we are.

Jayden woke worse today with this damn cold which I would like to strangle the germ carrier who gave us that! But of course we will never know who that is for sure. My money is on my uncle however, grrrrrr. But it could have come from school. I use to be a germaphobic before, now I'm a super germaphopic. Nightmare! We arenow keeping Luke home from school for the rest of the term as we can't risk delaying jaydens treatment anymore, even though I'd like to delay it forever!

Jayden has to go in to hospital again but this time for a dressing change. I can't wait till that broviac is out and no more dressing changes.

He starts up again on wednesday and that sux big time. No doubt the lead up to that will take me down that blarstard rollercoaster again but it won't keep me there. Im damned if this will keep me down. I will always have my most darkest hours with this crap scenario and thank heavens I have found an outlet for it in this blog. And thank heavens for people who send me messages of encouragement and hope for without all this it would be so much harder.

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  1. Now thats an amazing attitude. Where ever you got it from.. go back and keep at it. Your amazing Leisl, an amazing mom and yes, you ARE doing everything you can. God and JAyden both know how much you and Danny are doing for him. xoxo Praying always for your family and strength to get you thru this xoxo.

  2. Leisl,
    No wonder you have down days. You are just one human being going through something that requires super human strength, courage and stamina. No one could ever accuse you of giving up on Jayden. You are an inspiartion to all of us whose biggest challenge for the day is getting dinner cooked on time. Be kind to you.
    Leesha Monson