Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back in hospital

Sitting in Hospital waiting to find out if they will be going ahead with jaydens chemo. He's still got an awful cold so after the doctors have examined him they will decide what's going to happen. My gut feeling is they will go ahead. As much as I would like to see it put off again I guess there has to be a point where they stop. I think it's now. The nature of his cancer is too aggressive to keep putting it off so I'm guessing they won't.
He's in such good spirits at the moment even after another snot test that he screamed all the way through and the knowledge that he wasnt going back into the car no matter how many times he cried to. Now he's just accepted he's staying and is making the most of it. Hasn't sat still since we got here but because he isn't attached to any lines yet that's ok. Not looking forward to him being rigged up again and mobility being a drama. Although never for him.

Climbing up and down the stairs with dad which once upon he would just gaze out the window and only hope to but now he's doing it on his own.
A couple of hours later and lots of cries to go home and see Luke as the realization of staying for the night kicks in.
Seen the doctor and they are going to go ahead with his chemo tomorrow.

Oh my god. This is so hard that I can't even put words to it anymore.

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  1. Stay strong - not far to go now. He can do it, you can do it! Hard work for you keeping an active little boy entertained in hospital too. How long are you inpatient for do you think? Would love to send you a card or little something - I remember receiving those things in hospital really made our day. (Send me hospital address on FB?)

  2. Sending you all the most positive thoughts. Stay strong Jayden, fight it all the way little man. Xxx