Thursday, 20 September 2012

Back in hospital :(

I'm currently sitting in my car outside of the hospital waiting
for someone to leave so I can take their parking spot and park the car. Nightmare. So want to get inside and see my little boy.

Not long after a parking spot becomes available and I park, get out with my suitcase and other belongings and walk towards the hospital in the pouring rain. I think to myself as I drag my suitcase that this is what my life has become, living in and out of hospital, it's not a life it's an existence.

We had to come into hospital this morning as jayden had to get his bloods checked but I did anticipate we would be staying as jayden is not well at all. We were up all night with him changing his nappy due to diarrhea and changing bed linen and clothing because of vomiting. He hasn't kept down any of his medications or food And he's just miserable.
We soon find out after arriving here that he has mucositis and that's making him poo a lot and his mouth is mucousy as well. Apparently now this has kicked in temperatures follow and so they don't want us to go home. Also he requires pain relief as the mucositis rips apart the lining of the mouth, digestive path right down to his bottom and right now he's very sore. We can't give him any pain relief orally as he's not keeping anything down so they are keeping him in also to hydrate him and administer pain relief intravenously.

I wizzed home to get clothes and the necessities but was unable to see Luke or Layla. I hate that because the first they'll hear of me not being home is later this afternoon and I wasn't able to say goodbye.
So a very sucky day had by all.

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