Thursday, 27 September 2012

Beautiful words

I failed to mention in my last blog that today jayden received a gift from a beautiful person whom is unknown to us. When I walked into his room this morning he was in the middle of enjoying his coloring in book and crayons and pleased as punch with his clothes. I opened the card that had my name on the envelope and read the words in it. Tears weld up in my eyes as I was so deeply touched by how beautifully kind and caring they were. This was from someone I have never met and it was so warm and heartfelt I was truly touched. A few days prior to that I had also received a hand written letter from another beautiful person that equally touched my heart.
It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful people there are out there thinking of my son.
So many offers of help. I wish so much I could say what would actually help. I wish I could tell these beautiful people that if they did this, or this it would help. But there is nothing. Nothing can change what I so desperately want to be changed. Only a miracle or a magic wand will do that and I don't know of anyone who has them handy.

I wish so much that with all those beautiful offers of help I could give them something to do that would help.
I have never been a deeply religious person but praying i think is all i can ask. That i can hope with all the prayers that God will be listening. That if there are enough of them he will notice. That he could make my child's pain go away and he live the healthy life he deserves.

For every letter, message, email I receive I hope that people know that I read them, that they mean so very much and how very much I appreciate them.

To those people and anyone else who wishes to help, Pray for my son, even if you don't consider yourself religious please pray for him, and hope that God is listening.
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