Monday, 17 September 2012

Better day, temp gone

Jaydens Temp has gone down and if it stays down we might be able to go home Wednesday.
He's still on Antibiotics and I assume will be for a while.
Yesterday we spent most of the day napping because of the shocking nights sleep we had the night before.
The psychologist came to visit in the afternoon as a result of me being earmarked on jaydens file from the fiasco the day before no doubt. Was good to speak to him however, very nice man.

Danny and the kids came in with dinner and stayed for a while in the evening. Having us all together is always nice and jayden was in great spirits.

My friend Kathy came in for a visit later and it was so nice to see a friend. I think because of the day before and the emotions that were in it I was able to relax today. Amazing what a good cry can do. It was nice to just talk and be with a friend. I haven't sat and talked to a friend in so long and it was just what I needed.
Today is Tuesday and it's morning now. Jaydens about to get him stem cells and he's in really good spirits. Much happier and not so exhausted.
Danny and Luke are due in to visit and I'll be going home tonight to see Layla and Luke. I'm hoping tomorrow when I come back in the morning jayden will be able to go home. Crossing our fingers and toes all goes well with stem cells and he spikes no more temperatures. We all want him home again as soon as possible.

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