Friday, 7 September 2012

Jayden needs hearing aids :(

We had to go back into hospital yesterday. One, because the nurses forgot to heplock Jaydens line and I didn't remember to ask and two, because Jayden had another hearing test appointment at audiology.

We got there reasonably early and the nurses sorted out his lines then off we went to the hearing appointment.

I knew at the last test they did Jaydens hearing wasn't the best. That he wasn't hearing what I knew he had been previously and this test confirmed exactly that. He had initially only lost the high pitch sounds in the last test before the first round of mega therapy but now it's gone down into the range that affects his speech, so not good.

They told us today he will need hearing aids. Crushing. We knew it was a huge possibility but still it's not easy hearing it as a certain. Very sad.

I knew that this meant also that it would effect his dose of chemotherapy for the next round. Nick rang us later in the day to let us know exactly that. He will now only be given 50% of the normal dose for his protocol of carboplatin. It's the carboplatin that damages the hearing and even after chemo stops he said there is likely to be further damage. He can't say if the dose won't still damage his hearing but he knows he can't be given the full dose as that most definitely will.

Sometimes I feel like this isn't happening as it can be so mind blowingly out there in the realms of normal life. it just doesn't seem real. 7 months ago my son was a normal toddler. Now he has an aggressive cancer we all hope and pray never returns. He has hearing loss from treatment and who knows what else is in store for him. so sometimes i just feel like it CANT be real. Or more so, wish it wasn't.

It's Saturday morning and a new day. One that I am so grateful to be spending at home with my precious little man.

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  1. It's so sad that the very thing that Jayden needs to prevent the cancer from coming back is the thing that is giving him side effects. However, this doesn't change the beautiful boy that he is and just like everything else, I'm sure he will take it in his stride and continue to be brilliant.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes for the coming treatment and I hope that he sails through it.