Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Not a good night

Jayden had a terrible night last night and couldn't settle. He was in a lot of pain from the mucositis and was getting regular doses of ocycodone and codeine. He kept waking up and telling me it hurts. It was so Awful to hear him so upset. Nothing seemed to help until about 5am this morning when they gave him doses close together. It Was an awful night. he was so buggared this morning and there was talk about putting him on a morphine pain infusion. Fortunately by 9ish when the doctors came around he seemed a little better. Still really tired but he was managing. He is truly amazing.
Good news is the doctors told me his bloods show that his counts may be on the rise so if he doesn't have too much pain tonight and no temp he can go home tomorrow. They have taken him off his antibiotics because he had no temp last night so besides his terrible night the doctors believe we may have seen the worst of it. We are so hoping this is true and all very excited about the prospect of him coming home.
It's Danny's turn tonight and i left jayden peacefully sleeping with him at the hospital this afternoon.
I'm home now with the kids and missing him terribly. Really worried he might have another horrible night and I'm not there. I wish I could be with all of them and I so hope that will happen tomorrow.
Really missing him right now as I write. Miss his beautiful face, his big warm cuddles, the sound of his voice and his little smile. Wish I was with him right now giving him a big cuddle.

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  1. Leisl, hope sleep comes soon, so you can give your brave little man a big huge hug and smother him in kisses x

  2. Truly so so sorry for this ordeal you & Danny are going thru.My family have prayers for you all everyday.
    when I read your blogs everyday,I get so upset,at to what little Jayden has to go thru,& Leisl you must try & take care of yourself,as he needs you so much.When I read that you weren't feeling the best,(& no wonder)well I just thought this cant be happening.
    But I am so happy to hear that people are helping you in different ways
    Anyway special blessings to you all,praying for big big brighter days ahead

    Special Blessings