Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shocking day in hospital

Dreadful day for jayden today. He's feeling very ill and spiked a temperature early in the afternoon. On top of all that he's got an awful case of conjunctivitis, although in the big scheme of things that's nothing but very stressful for him when he wakes up and can't open his eyes which happened today after his nap. He's now on antibiotics to combat whatever could be causing the temperature which is a big unknown at the moment and of course drops every six hours. He's been sleeping a lot because he feels so crap.

For the rest of the day There was a Drama over a bath which extended to the catheter and then the realization that nurses had accidentally put his ondacetron drip up so that it was running at 10 mls per hour instead of 2mls. A big mistake that required a lot of paperwork, doctors coming in clarifying it should be ok and me in a spin about what it all meant to be giving my child a drug 8mls more an hour than the required 2mls. Doctors assured me it should be fine but how does that not worry me senseless?? What else could have gone into him at the incorrect measure?? Its all very scary and only amplifies an already extremely stressful situation. One of my favorite doctors and I even had words as I was so very upset but fortunately that was all sorted.

It's so difficult to be calm and rational in these circumstances when your child is laying ill on a hospital bed.
He's asleep now and given the events of the day I'm not surprised. I haven't gone into details about it but let's just say its been one of the most emotional days yet, if that's possible.

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  1. Leisl,
    I have no idea if the hospital policies are anything similar to the US, though I strongly suggest you get in touch with the hospital's patient affairs, advocates, whatever. They really have to be accountable for mistakes, and do anything necessary to fix it and/or assure you of your son's safety in the mistake. Something similar happened with our daughter and we definitely addressed it. It's hard enough to go through this without that kind of added stress. I hope you're feeling better, from one ATRT mom to another. xoxo