Monday, 24 September 2012

Sitting in the doctors surgery myself, waiting to see a doctor. I'm hoping to get some antibiotics to knock this dreadful cough on the head so I can stop worrying about infecting Jayden.

I had to leave him with Danny this afternoon as I needed to get this sorted and to have a night home with the kids also in the hope of getting a decent night sleep.

Jaydens temp came down today thankfully and was in better spirits with more energy. He had a blood transfusion yesterday and a platelet transfusion so his blood counts were up and that always makes him feel better. He still looks like crap but he was better than yesterday. His neutrophils are at 0.01 which is not good, we want them up as soon as possible.
He's on three different types of antibiotics at the moment. Two that are IV and one that is given down his tube. One of them is for a bacteria growing in his stools that is causing his diarrhea and two to cover the temp he had last night. Fortunately he only vomited once today which is a good day but it was a big one all the same.
Unfortunately because of the antibiotics we are now looking at being in hospital for at least another three days according to the nurse. That sucks.

I'm now at home with my other kids. The doctor said I have bronchitis I asked about the possibility of giving it to jayden and what that would mean. He told me he should be ok at the hospital as they will treat it quickly if he's got it. I'm so worried I've passed it on. As if there isn't enough already on his plate.

I've text danny and jayden and him have crashed early. I'm not surprised as jayden was looking like he needed a nap at lunchtime but fought it off and was still awake at 4:30 when I left.

Really hate being away from him and constantly worry but I know I need a good sleep to face another day and be the mum he needs me to be.

I'm in bed now next to my other boy and he's so happy to have me home. I'm thinking of jayden and wishing he were with us and not in a hospital room but laughing with his brother and sleeping with us.

Tomorrow can't come quick enough for me to see my little man again.

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