Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hearing aids

Jayden got his hearing aids today! Little blue ones, one in each ear. He was so brave about it and never complained once.
We arrived there late as we got our appointment times mixed up but they were happy enough to see us anyway. When we sat in the ladies office Jayden was getting restless and he knew something was going to happen. When she put the first one in we had to hold him so he didn't push her away but when he realized it wasn't something that was going to hurt him he was fine with her putting the other one in. He sat there quietly once they were inserted and didn't say much. He just wanted to get back in the pram and go home. All the way to the car he said nothing, just sat in his pram quietly. But by the time we got to the car he was chatting again.
He's still not himself however and that's even before the hearing aid appointment. He woke up unhappy and has just not been himself. He seems exhausted all the time. Although I'm not surprised given the last couple of months in fact six months. I can't wait to see him sprightly again and back to his normal self. I so hope we get to see that.
He's taking a bath at the moment and we still have to have the water not deep as his broviac lumens can't get wet. nick told us his broviac will be out within the month. Wish it were tomorrow.
He's been really constipated lately and today was the worst as he screamed whenever he had a motion. So we gave him some Miralax and that seems to have sorted it for now. Hate seeing him in pain for any reason, he's had his lifetime full of that already.
We are hoping to plan some sort of holiday soon to getaway for a few days and not think of anything cancer. Just what we need, hopefully it will be soon.

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