Friday, 5 October 2012

Two smiles :)

I wake up in the morning to two big smiles. One on Luke and one on Jayden. Followed by two big cuddles, god i love them. That's what gets me up and gets me going. Jayden becomes even more happy when he realises my sister and her kids have stayed the night. He loves them big time and doesn't leave my sisters side from the moment he first sees her.
I had a good night sleep last night even though I went to sleep miserable. I know I'm always going to have those days and there seems to be more of them lately but today is a new day and my sister is here so my mind is distracted.
Jayden is so happy that I can't not smile. I'm watching him playing with linda and he's giggling away and its just priceless. It doesn't get better than that.
My brother and his kids are heading over and I'm looking forward to seeing them too. Family has become even more important than ever before and I'm so happy to have them around.
My sisters are especially a huge support and I've never loved them more than I do now. Linda is planning to move down from Geraldton to be closer and I'm so very greatful for that. Soon she will be only a short drive away and I know where I'll be visiting on a regular basis.
I do wish however that all the mums I now know through Facebook that also have children with ATRT lived closer. I wish I had one I could visit and have a good cry with. Someone I can truly get and be with knowing there is real understanding between us. I do miss that in my life but I know they are only a message away just would be nice if they lived closer.
Well I'm about to eat my breakfast and get on with the day. The mornings are my best part of the day it's the nights that are so difficult. I think I use up all my emotional reserves in the day, keeping up beat and happy for my kids and family that by the time the night comes and they are all asleep I fall to bits. That's my time to release those emotions so I can get up the next day and start again.
What a life hay? And sadly I'm not the only one living like this.....
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