Monday, 26 November 2012


I emailed Dr Nick yesterday to find out what the plan was for Jayden. He's still vomiting in the morning and Danny and I are worried about his speech. We think he's getting more difficult to understand. Dr Nick replied later asking us to bring Jayden in to see him this Wednesday and the plan is to start him on steroids. i was also concerned about the date of the next MRI so he is looking into that as well. I don't think my mind would ever be at eases unless i had my own way of checking every morning that there was no tumor there.
Damn nightmare.
Not looking forward to the steroids starting as if last time is anything to go by we will have an angry, chubby little man. The chubby I don't mind thats good because he's so skinny at the moment, but the angry- not nice. It's awful for him as well because he doesn't understand why he's so angry at times.
More nightmare.

Its early morning and we are sitting out the front of our house, it's cold but my boys are running around with T-shirts and shorts. I'm super cold with my old pj bottoms on that I won't throw out even though they have a huge hole in the bottom of them and the brickwork I'm sitting on is cold on my legs. But I have a fabulous view of my beautiful boys having fun with a ball so can handle the cold for that.

Yesterday we got a glimpse of the family photos that were taken the other day. They were great and I just wanted to cry when I saw them. It made me so happy to see us all together in one picture smiling and there were some lovely ones of the kids together too. Really excited about
Seeing them blown up and on our wall to look at everyday.

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