Wednesday, 28 November 2012

On way home :)

We are leaving the hospital now and with Jayden- thank goodness!
He finally got the all clear after being there all day and I'm so damn grateful for that. both Danny and i are so relieved to be driving out of there with Jayden in the car. We hate going back in there. I find from the moment I walk through those doors I want to cry and usually do. Today was no different. It's just a place you never, ever want to have to take your child and going back is a reminder of what our son has, what he's been through and what could be in his future again. I hate it. I do however love the staff and nurses. It takes a special kind of person to work in that place and there is no doubt that ward is full of them-special people.
We arrived there this morning and because of the risk of infection they put us in a isolation room. the nurse came and took all his obs and found he had low blood pressure which she attributed to dehydration. The doctor on the ward came to see him next up and recommended some ondancetron to help prevent the vomiting so he could keep some fluids down to help with the dehydration. At this point they were assuming a gastro bug but couldn't be sure. We gave him little sips of water every ten minutes but all he wanted to do was sleep. His temperature got quite high and he was given some Panadol after Dr Nick saw him. Fortunately Dr Nick didn't think it was tumour related and that obviously is a very, very good thing.
We expected he would perk up after the Panadol but he seemed to take a turn for the worse and was complaining that something was 'ow'. He wouldn't let me touch him and it set alarms bells off in me that maybe this could be another batch of meningitis. He behaved exactly like that when he had it before. Another hour passed and fabulously he took a turn for the better this time. He sat up and was happy to be in my arms again- heaven. He did a wee in the sample cup we had and then wanted to go home. Yah!
We are expecting he won't be back to his normal self just yet but I'm just glad to be out of there and him not vomiting at the moment. Yah for that. They still aren't sure what it is all about but are assuming for now its some kind of virus. Dr Nick won't be starting him on his steroids now because he is ill but hopefully he will be better come this Friday and they will start him then. He's planning to give him a short course that will last 10 days that we hope will see a decrease if not completely stop his vomiting in the morning. I do hope so.
So now we are in traffic on our way home. Jayden's asleep, whatever he has its definitely knocking him about. But we are going home and that's a good thing. It's busy, peak hour traffic but we don't care. It's just so damn good to be out of the hospital.

Lots of sleeping today ...

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