Thursday, 15 November 2012

Report is in

Waiting is just not my thing. Although I'm not sure it's anybody's. Especially waiting on results about my sons MRI. I've been told the report is getting done now so only a matter of time but that time seems to be taking forever. The amount of different scenarios running through my head and the very need to be doing 'some thing, anything is huge. I want to know if he does In Fact have radiation necrosis and what we can do about it and when. But instead I have to sit here wondering and waiting, or should I say worrying and stressing. All the while I know the weekend is ahead of us and if we don't get onto it before then, then there will be two more days I have to wait.
Nick rang and told us they had another guy look at the pictures whom apparently is a specialist in that area and he said he could not see radiation necrosis however he could see damage to the cells in the cerebellum and pods areas of the brain. This damage would have been caused by either the chemotherapy, Radiation or both. They don't know which specifically. What they call that is gliosis demyelination. It's still yuck and can develop into necrosis but as yet it isn't. Nick is concerned however that it wasn't there 5 weeks ago but is now. He's booked him in for another scan in 8 weeks and expects he will see more damage by then. In the meantime he has sent all the info off to Dr Chang and Dr Goldman to see what they think and their advice on how to treat. I'm hoping they have some idea of what to do next.
For us it means watching Jayden for any changes in behaviour or balance etc and other neurological symptoms. He said it could also be what's causing his vomiting.
It's all still crap but not as bad as it could be, yet and hopefully won't get to that.
I'm laying next to my little man right now and he's sound asleep. Luke is snoring to my left, danny to my right and Jayden squeezed in the middle.
He's had a good day, been very happy and not at all bothered by the last couple of days. He vomited this morning, like always but not since. Would love to see him get a good break from that.
I'm going to sleep now and try to stop stressing, mission impossible....

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