Thursday, 29 November 2012

Results from CT and EEG

We had the worst experience last night with getting a line into Jayden for the Ct scan. They had two goes at it and failed. During those 'goes' the doctor inserted the needle and proceeded to take forever to find a vein all the while Jayden is screaming his head off. During the first go Jayden's eyes were blinking weirdly while he was screaming and his chin had a twitch. It didn't last long but was enough to send danny and I into another spin and I found myself sobbing and told the doctor who was still poking around to stop, scooping him up in my arms and holding him so tight. I DID NOT want to put him back on the bed to be butchered by this doctor. I truly have never felt more traumatised and I can't possibly even begin to imagine how traumatised Jayden was. The nurses and doctors gave their big pep talk about how important it was to get this line in an eventually I had to give him up to them to have another go. The doctor told me I should probably leave and stupidly took his advice, only to hear Jayden's screams go on for ages down the hall. Eventually the doctor surfaced saying he couldn't get a line. I've never been more pissed off and stressed that my poor child had to endure that event. He was sound asleep and woken to be poked and prodded, pinned down and let scream. It was truly awful and danny was extremely distressed after it as well. We then had to do the CT without the line. Which was fine they just couldn't get a contrast. I wish we had that option in the first place.

I didn't get to speak to a doctor last night after the CT as it was after midnight when we got back to the room and we were both shattered.
We did briefly speak to the doctor at the CT scan and he did say what he can see so far is ok. That was enough to get me off to sleep and just hope they didnt find anything they didn't expect to later.

We have since seen the doctors this morning and they don't know why this has happened. apparently nothing on the scan indicates an explanation and Dr Nick said its unusual in children that have tumours in the posterior fossa like Jayden to have seizures. he's booked jayden in for anEEG this afternoon to get more information.

The seizures Would have to have been one of the scariest things I have witnessed so far and I truly thought I had lost him. But now he is in my arms and i couldn't be more grateful.

It's a couple hours later and he's just finished his EEG. we are back in his room. He did really well. He cried throughout the whole process of setting up all the wires but slept during the examination.

Its another couple of hours later and I thought we would have got the results back today but we haven't. We are now on our way home and have to return tomorrow to find out results and what is going to happen next.
Dr Nick did get the results back from the urine test Jayden did yesterday though and apparently on top of everything else he has a urine infection as well. He truly doesn't seem to get a decent brake and I so wish for him that he would.


  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Sooooo very sorry that all this is happening. Jayden is so precious, sending him lots of love.

  2. It ISN'T fair. That's the simple truth of it. Be strong. Sending you love. Everyone is behind you x

  3. Anyone would think you were in a Nazi concentration camp,how bl--dy dreadful,that children have to go thru such barbarism.That doctor should be reported,at least he could have given you an option.Down the track they will look back & say "how in the world could the medical people have done all those terrible procedures to humans".
    Im so upset as to what is happening to little Jayden & others.I feel for you all so much.So very sorry
    God Bless & very special blessings