Wednesday, 28 November 2012


No sooner did we get home from the hospital today and i began to think something was up. Jayden was really sleepy and laid in my arms during dinner saying nothing and just didn't seem himself at all. I wanted to assume it was because of the virus but it just didn't sit well. He had his bath as normal but didn't want to stay in. He wouldn't stand for me to get him changed but I assumed it was because he was unwell also. Then I put him to bed to read him a book and before I could begin reading him a story he was asleep. Again, I assumed it was because he was unwell. I then got Luke and put him to bed with a book and as I was reading it to him Jayden began to stir. He was firstly making some odd sucking sounds so I watched him closely and it didn't seem too bad. Then he suddenly woke, sat up and started complaining about something hurting and then laid back down on the pillow. i went to him and rubbed his back and watched his face, he was awake. his eyes then started darting up and down. I picked him up in my arms and held him and tried to talk to him and ask him what he's doing, but he wasn't there. I knew instantly something was wrong. I raced him up to Danny to tell him something's up with Jayden.

We rang the hospital immediately and made arrangements for someone to be with the kids while we went in. All the while Jayden seemed vacant and wouldn't speak. On the drive in he watched me for a long time then fell asleep.
I balled my eyes out all the way in. I can't believe how absolutely shit this is. I kept thinking to myself 'I'm not ready to lose my baby, not now. Please not now'.
We arrived at the hospital where he was examined by the doctor on duty who told us he had had a seizure. By this time though he was back with us. Talking normal like nothing had happened but still sleepy and is sleeping now. I don't know a lot about seizures other than they indicate pressure in the brain and I'm scared. they are planning to do a CT scan now so a line has to go in- shit. He's sound asleep and none the wiser and I'm dreading him being woken up for this awful, stressful and scary event.
This nightmare truly never ends. When you walk out those doors it's never for the last time, at least it doesn't feel that way for us.

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  1. Poor little fella, hopefully (??) it's just a result of the virus + weak immune system. Sending as many positive vibes as I can...