Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Up all night

Jayden started vomiting last night at 9:30 and didn't stop. The first was 9:30 the second 10:30 and then every ten minutes after that for over an hour, then every half hour. We rang the hospital a couple of times but decided to sit tight till the morning provided we could get him to take sips of water in between. It started to ease off early in the morning so we all managed to get a couple of hours sleep but started up again as soon as he woke. He had a temp with it as well so we are hoping it is some kind of virus rather than tumor related. How things have changed in our lives- actually 'hoping' its a virus because the alternative is devastating. Scary.

We are now on our way into the hospital after dropping the kids off to school and Jayden has fallen asleep in the car, a much needed snooze without a doubt. I would love to be joining him but the ability to fall asleep anywhere that I had as a child has long gone and now only my bed will do. Even with that though I find it difficult. But enough about me it's my little man I'm worrying about. He's pale and no doubt feeling like crap. I hope if it is a virus it passes quickly for his sake. After all the chemo he has had it has left his immune system not at all in good shape so he is more prone to infection and sickness than his siblings. This apparently will always be the way. Poor little mite it feels as if he just doesn't seem to get a decent break. I'm so sad for him and wish so much I could take all this crap away from him.

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