Friday, 30 November 2012


For the past five hours Layla, danny and Luke have been vomiting. Proof that Jayden's episode was indeed a gastro virus. I've never been so happy about knowing my kids have a gastro bug. I know I'll probably be hit with it later as well so am quickly blogging now because they have all finally fallen asleep.

Nick phoned me earlier with the results of the EEG as he didn't have them when I went in with Jayden this morning. He told me tonight that they didn't find anything that showed seizure activity so they have no idea why he had them. There is the possibility that the virus bought on the seizures but there is no way of really knowing but at least Jayden doesn't have to take more medication and that's a great thing. They did however find in the EEG abnormality in the back part of the brain where his tumour was, which would agree with the recent findings of brain damage their in the MRI.

I'm so relieved and can't believe I am thinking how good it is that Jayden just has brain damage?? That's what life is like for us now because we know all the other possibilities and things that can happen are so much worse. So far, it's just brain damage. Unbelievable. What a journey? Truly, what an emotional roller coaster? One minute I'm thinking my son has died inside, the next I'm witnessing him in pain that I cant stop, the next he's ok and just has brain damage, its truly insane. I honestly don't know how we are all doing this. But what I do know, is I wish all I had to worry about was a gastro bug going through our household. Now That, would just be bliss.

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  1. Also so happy to hear this. Crazy, I know but it is handleable. Hoping you manage to avoid getting the bug too. As a side note, wanted to mention that Gav also had seizure-like activity a couple of times while he was going through treatment. Once with a fever, perhaps afebrile seizures. He also had EEGs which came back as normal, but they did note that his brain activity was slower in the area where the tumour was. The good thing was that this improved from one EEG to the next, so there will always be room for improvement as time goes on and their little brains rewire. I noticed for a LONG time after treatment that Gav was just less neurologically stable, for lack of a better word, more restless and twitchy than others, which always gave me heart palpitations but it never came to anything, and now has calmed down. Hope you can get some rest!!! Xoxo