Monday, 10 December 2012

Best gift of all

"What we all want can't be bought from a shelf". That's what a friend wrote to me after my last blog. Those words are so true. Many of us don't want what is for sale in the shops, I know what I want can't be bought. And if it could I would sell everything, work 24hrs a day, what ever it took to buy it. So It makes sense that I found myself wandering the shop yesterday wondering what to buy as all I really want for Xmas is a cure for Jayden.

What I do have for Xmas is the love of my family and that's worth more than any gift you can buy. I guess for me it also reminds me of the love I no longer have and the love I could lose one day. It's a very tricky time of the year for a lot of people for so many different reasons and no matter how difficult I'm finding it I'm determined to make sure my kids remember it as wonderful.

My first mission was to bring Xmas to our house with lights and last night it was beginning to look pretty spectacular. Every year we would load the kids in the car on a beautiful night and drive around to all the houses in Perth that have their front lawns and homes covered in lights. These can be truly spectacular and the kids absolutely love it. This year I decided we would bring that to our own home. So in the last week danny has been on the roof putting up solar Xmas lights I purchased from the shops and last night we were all out there admiring his handy work again. We started it last week and have been out there every night seeing what more we can do and what else should be added. Its a whole family creation and the kids are loving it. obviously it doesn't look anything like the spectacular efforts made by the wonderful people that create the outside of their homes into a xmas wonderland but to the kids its perfect.

It's a small start, but its a start. I know I can't make it perfect but just the simple fact that all five of us will be together is perfect enough. Somedays its hard to remember that and to instead fall into the trap of worrying about the future. It will always be there, the thought and knowledge I may no longer have my precious son with me. I know I have to focus on the fact that I have him with me now and enjoy every second of it. but always in the back of my mind the thought and fear is there.

Today I'm ready to venture the shops again and try to remember that even though I can't buy what I really want for Xmas I do have the love of my family, all five of us at Xmas together and that is truly the best gift of all.

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  1. Dear Leisl,
    I have just started reading your family's story, you are an inspirational mother and hope that one day soon your wishes for a cure will come true.
    I have been doing research about cancer for sometime now and I go to seminars which has truly open my eyes. We are now told that 1 in 2 people will have some form of cancer in their lives. So I'm trying to help my friends and family in preventing it. My husbands friend has just been told his three year son has inoperable brain tumour and has about three months to live. I will tell them about your site and also about Proton therapy. My new research is on the use of Garlic, it has good results for brain tumour and other cancers. Look into Low dose Naltrexone ref to youtube Dr Bert Burkson 1 1/2 hour lecture. A great website with lots of different ideas is called mumsnothavingchemo. Have the doctors every check his Vit D and Glutathione levels. Glutathione levels are shown to very low in cancer and every other illness. It is the mother of the immune system. Also look into Personalised Genetic Testing at they are at 13 Glyde St Mosman Park. This can also tell you about the heavy metals that may be in your son. I personally don't have much faith in the Oncologyist, they are very narrow minded. It's the three protocols or nothing. Look into Intravenous Vit C cures many cancer and their are doctors using the treatment here. Ozone therapy is another one. If Dr Burzynski treatment was allowed your son wellbeing could have been so different. His movie made me cry. Shame on the FDA. Anyway I hope I have not bother you in anyway and I hope I could help in some small way. Leave no stone unturned there is an answer out there. Best wishes and your Xmas is going to be great surround by the family's love.

  2. So happy someone has mentioned ozone treatment,with vit C & B which I had for stomach cancer 14 yrs ago.I had the treatment with fruits& vegie juices,for 18 mths,as I was told nothing could be done for me.My treatment was in Fremantle 3 times a week.There is an answer Leisl & Danny.just start making juices twice a day for the whole family,with a squeeze of lemon,& drink with a straw(lemon makes the saliva work which is good for the stomach.We try not to have very much processed foods.& get protein from vegies & fruits.also use the processor,for a GREEN SMOOTHIE(soak handful almonds & 1/4cup porridge overnight)then 1 or2 bananas, some kale,spinach or parsley,1/2 cup coconut water,water,1/4 cup pineapple juice.then blend it till really smooth. make it to your own taste as long as it is good..very special blessings to you all,