Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day

It's late in the evening and after ways too much to eat and a very busy day, we are all in bed. Everyone asleep very quickly except me, of course.

Our day started extremely early with Luke waking at 3 in the morning begging to be able to open his presents. Fortunately I convinced him to go back to sleep although I don't think that actually happened and eventually I gave in at 5 am.

With all the excitement Jayden woke shortly after and Luke couldn't wait to show Jayden what Santa had left. Jayden was delighted! A lot of "wow"s and huge smiles and loving the unwrapping. Of all the things he got he loved the 'tea set' the most. "Like mum" he said as he made a cup of tea near the sandpit with water from the hose. He also loved his kid size broom and mop. Funny. I had a feeling they would be right up his alley when I saw them and I was so pleased to see how happy he was with them. Next thing he loved was the little tool set he got " just like dads", he said. Beautiful. It was so lovely to see him so happy. To see all the kids happy. I just love that more than anything. Big smiles, just brilliant.
My only complaint for the day like all parents is the amount of work it is to take toys out of there packaging and the nightmare of assembling others. In the big scheme of things though doesn't really count as a complaint. Would have bad packaging any day over childhood cancer.

By lunchtime we headed to Danny's mums house for the rest of the day. In the past I have found family get togethers with the in laws difficult because i think when you join any two families together its different. sometimes difficult but i think different is a better word. trying to fit in with another family is tricky. the way you think may be different to them and often is. your upbringings are usually somewhat different and you never quite feel the same as you would if it were your own family. Now however with everything that has happened I couldn't feel more a part of this family than I do now.
Danny's mother is an amazing woman who never once let us down during this whole nightmare. She has been solid in being there for us whenever we have needed her and could not have possibly done more. My relationship with her has developed into one that is so important to me and i truly value. I could not have done this without her and I'm so grateful she is the person she is. Deeply strong family values, and just a wonderful mother, grandmother and mother in law. Danny's brother and wife were there as well with their children and his uncle, auntie and grandmother too. All beautiful people.

I was so happy to be spending today with people we love and who love us. People who would do anything for each other because they care. a really lovely day.

a lovely day but also a very emotional one. There were moments i thought about Christmas without Jayden and i had to make myself stop the thought as it hurts so very much. struggling to be jolly sometimes and moments where i worked hard to stop the tears flowing.

He was just so beautiful today, so happy. Laughing with the kids, having a brilliant time with Nanna. Loves his Nanna. Watching him just breaks my heart. He's such a perfect normal little two year old. It's just truly not fair.

When we got home The kids continued to play happily together with their toys and it was just perfect. Well, as perfect as we can have it. Our new 'normal' so our new 'perfect'. I'll always know what would make it truly perfect but for now we are happy with what today has given us. Smiles, laughter, love and beautiful memories.

Jayden with a potato chip in his mouth clowning around with me after we arrived home from lunch at Danny's folks.

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