Thursday, 13 December 2012

Chubby boy

My little man has not stopped eating. From the moment he wakes up till the moment he falls asleep he is asking for food. He even wakes in the night for it although I think I've mentioned that before.
This morning for breakfast he had a weetbix, two bananas, a whole avocado, a piece of toast and two tall glasses of milk. Thats just for breakfast. I would have loved to have distracted him from half of this but with the early morning lunches and getting kids off to school it was not that easy. So as soon as the kids were at school we popped him in the car and went out.

We just have to get him out of the house otherwise he hangs around the kitchen and constantly wants to eat and no toy or suggestions of play will take his mind off the next mouthful.
It's awful and I feel so sorry for him because he never seems to be satisfied and I know it's not him that wants the food but Instead the steroids.

He took his last dose today which was 0.5 mls and I honestly thought by now his appetite would have slowed down but it just seems to be getting worse.
I tried to google a bit of information about it but didn't get much time to find out what I wanted to know, which is if it is normal for his appetite to still be increasing when the dose has dropped. However We have an appointment with Dr Nick tomorrow and am assuming he will clear all that up for me. We have to bring a wee sample in as well to check that his infection did in fact clear up and that's always a difficult task with a two year old.

His little personality has changed with the steroids too and I often feel like I have a different child. I can still see him in there but sometimes he's so angry and frustrated that I feel as if he's not there. It's awful to witness when he's out of control as I know it's not the Jayden we know and no doubt its really awful to be inside his head in those moments too.
He's asleep now and I expect he will wake us again at around 2am as he has been doing for food. Hopefully this won't last long and he can get back to being the little man we know so well.

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