Saturday, 15 December 2012

Feeling the breeze

I woke up this morning with Jayden sleeping right up against my back and me nearly hanging of the edge of the bed. I needed to go to the toilet but dared not move in fear of waking him up. Instead I laid there for nearly an hour listening to my precious little man sleeping. Beautiful. When he woke the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "mummy". Aren't I lucky? I gave him the hugest cuddle as always and we went upstairs to have our cup of tea together.

At this time of the morning we are the only ones up and I love it. Just Jayden and I hanging out sipping our cup of tea and watching music videos on telly as the kids program's haven't started yet. Some very naff 80s videos playing and I seriously can't believe I once thought their dress sense was cool and also dressed like them.

He still hasn't vomited and I couldn't be happier about that. In the last couple of days it's as if he's found his giggle because he's spent so much of the day giggling and laughing- pure joy.
I think he feels so much better in himself, no pain and no longer feeling like crap from the after effects of the chemo. Brilliant.

I'm now sitting in the car with him while he's sleeping and I can feel the breeze. It feels great. Watching him sleeping and knowing right now, at this moment he's ok, is the best feeling of all.

I love this picture of him thoroughly enjoying his food. :)


  1. Look at those cheeks!! Good enough to squeeze. You are too cute Mr Jayden.