Friday, 14 December 2012

Morning appointment

I took Jayden into Hospital this morning for his scheduled appointment at 9:30. He walked through the hospital like he owned the place, all confident and smiling. His podgy little body swaying as he walked with his big smile on his now very round face. He certainly considers visits to the hospital the norm now. Part of me is very sad about that but the other part is happy that he's not traumatised about it.

As we walk in I see parents in the emergency section with worried looks on their faces with their children close and I get a quick flash back of our first visit. I can only hope for these parents they will be leaving for home with some antibiotics and an "everything will be fine soon enough" comment from their doctor.

We rode the elevator down to ward 3b and waited with everyone else in the waiting room. We left home without the wee sample so we were given a small wee container and for the next half hour we kept slipping of to the toilet to see if we could get a sample. Finally after the fourth go we did! I was so proud of him as he told me he wanted to have a wee and low and behold he did one. Think he's ready to be toilet trained, yah for that!

Soon after we saw Dr Nick, he did his usual examination and he was happy with how Jayden is. I have to say so am I. Even though he's a lot heavier now he has certainly been walking better, no vomits and his speech has improved. Hard to believe its all due to the steroids but something has definitely caused a shift and that's the only thing that's changed in his medications.

It's been extra nice to not have him vomiting and no doubt a big relief for him. In fact this is the longest period he has gone without vomiting! Brilliant! I've been so wrapped up in worrying about everything else that's its only just occurred to me as I type that it has been over a week and no vomits! Just great!
Have to be grateful for that!

Speaking of grateful when I popped down to the shops today I ran into my beautiful neighbour and luck would have it we both had time to stop for a cuppa. Now this is a woman who has an incredibly brilliant perspective on life, sees things for what they are and gives the most brilliant advice. I just love her and am so damn grateful she is in my life. She also reminds me of whom I should surround myself with in my life now and forever. She oozes love from every inch of her body and when I'm with her she makes me feel so understood . She suggested to me today to put in my blog things about Jayden that he does during the day that I'm grateful for. I just thought that was a brilliant idea. That even though its a given that I'm grateful for every second I have with him I often forget to mention the special moments I have with him which are the things I want to be able to look back on and read as well at a later date.

So today I have to say Jayden was in fabulous form. Lots of giggles, even for Dr Nick. He laughed when Dr Nick talked about something sill y that i cant remember exactly what that was right now but basically Nick was trying to make him laugh and he did when previously he wouldn't. I think he's beginning to like him, nice.

Jayden's round little body is just so damn scrumptious to cuddle. Ive spent most of today taking every opportunity to do just that. I just simply can't stop cuddling him and kissing him and how brilliant that there's so much more to Cuddle.

when i pulled into the driveway after being out this afternoon he was waiting for me with Danny and squealed so loud with delight that i think the whole suburb must have heard him. he's so loud i love it! The complete opposite to his dad Danny, who's very quiet and reserved and it just makes me smile so hard when i hear him endlessly chatting to Danny without taking a breath and if he thinks his dad isn't listening he yells his name really loud so that danny has to respond. Very funny as often i cant get Danny's full attention so i love it that he demands it. he truly has so much spirit and had us laughing a lot during the day today. It was a really good day today for him, he was really happy for the most of it.

Got to be grateful for that.

The big bummer about today was I missed another assembly that Luke was in. I don't think he was too fussed, but I was. Fortunately a couple of wonderful mums text me some photos of him in his angel outfit, wings and all. Very cute. But from the photo I'm not sure he was super impressed with his costume....

But i think he looks gorgeous and wish I had of been there for it.

Jayden's currently giggling his head off with Layla and what a magical sound that is. I cant think of a sound id rather hear than the laughter of my kids. Just beautiful.

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  1. Lovely blog, thanks for sharing. Glad Jayden is doing well today.
    Hugs and prayers

  2. Wonderful news hearing jayden is doing much better.
    Special blessings to you all