Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nasty bugs

This would have to be the worst gastro bug that has ever passed through our house. Both Layla and Luke were still very ill till late last night. They had woken yesterday morning ok and We had thought they were over it but by mid morning they both vomited again and slept for the rest of the day. They both complained of major headaches, had high temperatures and very upset so it makes perfect sense that Jayden was also so unwell with it. but at least i can know it will run its course and that's a great thing. I wish I knew that about Jayden's cancer.

He's much better today, tired but happy. He vomited first thing this morning and the steroids we have to give him have been virtually impossible to get down. Not only do they taste revolting but Jayden is incredibly good at not taking medication. He has the amazingly efficient way of stopping it going down and spitting it out. It looks as if he puts a plug in the back of his throat and it just spills out the side of his mouth. Very annoying because we never know how much has actually gone down, if any.
The antibiotics for his urine infection are even worse. Both Danny and I tasted it and truly it's so revolting that we would both struggle to take it. So now we are left with two very important drugs he has to take and neither is going down. No idea what to do next except keep on trying.

Layla's woken and is still unwell this morning. Jayden had woken a couple of hours earlier, 5:15am to be exact. Love these early mornings now though. Am so very glad we are waking in our home and not in a hospital.

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