Friday, 21 December 2012

Old soul

Everyone woke up happy today after a peaceful night sleep. How that can make such a huge difference to the day.
Washing done, boys playing happily, no squabbles - perfect.
I'm still left a little shell shocked from the movie I watched yesterday as I think travelling this journey sometimes you live in denial that your child isn't one of the unlucky ones. But truth be known Jayden is. He has a dreadful brain tumor and watching that movie reminded me how serious his condition is. I already know this of course but a little part of me wants to think its all ok. Without that part I simply wouldn't get up in the morning.
He's playing so happily at the moment, chatting away to himself and just really content.
I can't ask for much more than that. As long as while he is with us he is happy that's all that matters. I want every second of however long or short his life will be to be full of smiles and laughter. He makes sure of that too. Sometimes I think he's an old soul in a little body that somehow knows something is up. And that little old soul wants to be sure he gets the most out of his life and share his love and smiles with everyone around him.

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  1. Have a beautiful, wonderful day with your precious family today Leisl, hope today is a GREAT DAY xxx

  2. Leisl, 99% of Oncologists will not have chemo if they get cancer themselves.Look it up yourself.
    Jayden is just so geogeous,he puts a huge smile on my face,when I see him happy.
    June xxx