Friday, 4 January 2013

A time together

Jayden hasn't vomited for a while now and hoping that means all good, although we will never really know until he has his scan. January 16th is the date for his next MRI and we are so hoping it will be clear. I can't help but worry myself senseless about the results, but I think that's something I just have to accept.

Kids started the day very happy with Luke and Jayden playing together with Layla's barbies. There's nothing nicer than seeing them in touch with their feminine side, funny. What having an older sister can do for a boy. Interesting enough she wasn't joining them but instead cleaning her room as she desperately wants a birthday party on her birthday. I told her that she had to have a clean room before that could happen and it is now spotless. Little did she know she would have one regardless but I was hoping she would do a good job of tidying it up anywAy and she did.

We are now off to Danny's brothers house to celebrate his birthday with his family and i am looking forward to that. The kids are too but none of us enjoy the drive in this weather. There's no doubt about it Perth weather is hot in the summer and seems to stay that way for ages. I use to love the hot weather as a much younger person but now not so much. In fact give me a room that's air conditioned over an outside activity In This weather, any day.

So we are off out of the house and together as a family. for so long we weren't together and i will never forget that time. i know i will always be grateful we are together now. Every time we sit around the dinner table together, get in the car to go somewhere together or just hanging out together at home I remind myself how lucky we are. Just being together is the best thing on earth and i know how horrible it is to be separated. I never ever in my life want my family to be separated again and I hope and pray with all my might that we never will be.

So for now and today and everyday onwards that we are together I am truly grateful. Waking up every morning to all my children is truly the best thing in the world. Their smiling little faces, sometimes grumpy faces is the best sight to see and every whinge, cry, laughter and word is truly precious.

I am truly grateful for every second of time we get to spend together and I hope for a lifetime of more.

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