Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A want for a happy story

Everyone loves a good story, even myself. Preferably One with a happy ending And preferably a real life one with a happy ending. The media loves to cover them, producers make movies about them and everyone loves to talk about them. It makes you feel good inside to read, see or hear about someone who triumphs against the odds. Unfortunately as we know, life is not always like that.

Today I watched a news report on the Internet ( the date of which it was filmed unknown). it was a piece that covered the triumphs of a little boy with brain cancer. Not long After his initial treatment his cancer returned, he had more treatment and it came back again, everyone told his parents there was no hope but they pursued help and a doctor treated him with a new method which rid him of his cancer once more. the report ended with this little boy happy at home with his brother and family and inside I felt great. I thought, wow, after all he's been through he's just doing fabulous, there truly is hope. It was posted on a site that underneath a close friend of that family commented that the boy is now fighting for his life in ICU. My heart sank. I was so heartbroken for that family. After all he has been through, where is the justice in that?

Sadly our lives rarely have the fairy tale endings we wish they did. The ones we see in the media and movies and maybe that's why we love them so much when we do hear about them.
I know I want our situation to be a happy story, more than anything in the world. A story that sees Jayden clear of cancer for the rest of his life. One that follows him through school, high school, manhood, fatherhood. That would be my happy story to tell.

Today This little boys story left me feeling really flat. Hopeless.
as i went about my day i thought about that boy and his family, his brother, and i hoped so bad for a miracle for him. that he would get the happy ending he deserved and miraculously got better, returned home to his family and lived the life he deserves. There is always hope I know, and I hope with all my might that happens for him.

Childhood cancer awareness is the first step to getting things changed, but I have never been more aware of childhood cancer in all my life than I have in the last 12 months yet I still feel completely helpless.

I can't fix it for my son and I can't change it for others feeling the same pain. There's no happy story in that. I wish there were.

As I lay next to my sons now while they sleep I am so very grateful for this moment. I am grateful for this day and this time, its the happy story i Iive for now, one that begins in the morning and ends at the night. And begins the following morning and so on. Just one day at a time.

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