Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MRI rescheduled

We are just leaving Danny's parents house after spending the morning there for Danny's dads 70th birthday. They live in a lovely house in the hills outside of Perth surrounded by trees. Very peaceful.
Jayden and I walked around out the back for a while with him pushing a doll in a pram( toys that are always at Nannas and his favourites). I didn't really want to go for a walk but I reminded myself of a time when Jayden couldn't go outdoors. When he was stuck in a room with a window that didn't open and a view of a garden but no sky. No fresh air and no trees. Now we are outside surrounded by trees, a beautiful cool breeze on our faces and the sky as blue as can be. I thought about that time in the hospital and shuddered. Never ever do i want to go back there. And with every step along the path we walked today I was so grateful we are not in the hospital now. That today Jayden is outside doing what a two year old should be, adventuring and enjoying the breeze.

We all love visiting Nanna and granddad but after a couple of hours Jayden wanted to go and when he wants to go he let's everyone know. He didn't have a good nights sleep last night so he was tired and slept on the way home in the car. I have no idea why he slept so badly but am worried that its not a good sign. Jayden's oncologist got back to me via email by yesterday afternoon and he said just to keep a close eye on him for anymore changes. As if I'm doing anything else? My eyes could not be any closer on him. its frustrating because I'm so worried as any mother would be and theres nothing i can do.
Fortunately he never vomited today but deep down I know that means nothing however it does help to not think about it quite as obsessively.
I'm laying next to him now as he has his midday nap, we were able to transfer him out of the car and he's now asleep on our bed, well, technically his bed as well.
As always he's looking so peaceful and happy.

Just as I wrote that last sentence Jayden woke crying. He seemed uncomfortable and said something was "ow". It reminded me of what he was like the previous night. All night he was waking crying and on several occasions said something was "ow". So I emailed nick again and let him know I'm worried he's in some discomfort. Later in the afternoon I heard back from the radiology department and they have him booked in for an MRI the following day.

It's now the following day, 7:00am and we are on our way in.

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