Sunday, 13 January 2013


Jayden vomited again today. I'm not as worried as before, However a part of me is still nervous and always will be that it's a sign of something not good. I wish I knew why he did still vomit. In fact I wish the doctors did but they have no idea. And while they don't know i will always worry that its something sinister because that's how this nightmare began. Some doctors have suggested that it may have something to do with the brain surgery he had to remove the tumour but the surgeons tell us thats not the case. In fact come to think of it, the amount of conflicting information we have had over numerous things in the past year is Quite a lot. When you have to deal with the medical profession day in and day out you often get a lot of different opinions, ideas, and beliefs. we have sometimes had to fish through all the Information and work it out for ourselves. Unfortunately we haven't come up with the solution or reason for Jayden's vomiting and the only thing it points to is tumour. So every vomit will always make me nervous.
It would be nice to find another reason so we wouldn't panic every time he did it and Jayden wouldn't have to feel so crap.

Jayden was also super wobbly on his legs again this morning. The two definitely seem to be linked. Vomiting and balance. On the mornings he vomits he is almost always unsteady on his feet, noticeably so. I wish I knew what that was all about.
I took him and the kids out this morning for a bite to eat. Really nice to be out and the kids of course, loved it.
He's now asleep next to me in our bed and looking very peaceful. I should be sleeping too as I had a terrible night sleep after staying up ways too late on the Internet. Not too long ago I couldn't sleep for a very different reason. I will never forget what Jayden went through and I will never stop fearing it happening again. There is truly nothing more scarey, especially when you know so much now.
We are taking him to a naturopath this afternoon to get tested for a whole bunch of things and hopefully they can set us on the right track to keep him strong and healthy.
It's a start, hopefully a good start to a long and healthy life. My god I so hope and pray for that !

a picture of us this morning at 5:30 am!
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  1. Dear Leisl, If it's any help my sister in-law just went through a similar wobble, vomiting, and fainting episodes which lasted over a three year period and she ended up at the ear nose specialist. Her crystals in hear inner ear were out of aligment and she also have block nose and ear canal. She was given a spray for the blockage and the doctor did something to help straighten her crystals and she fine now. There is also mini ears. The shunt maybe an issue, our friends child shunt gives him no problems.
    best wishes.

  2. My son Jayden(also at/rt) has been off treatment for 4/12 years, and still vomits all the time. I did the same thing you did, panicked every time, demanded MRI 's and CT 's....nothing. after 4 years of this we were sent to see a g.I. specialist and jayden was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome. He was prescribed the usual anti nausea meds, but we left with an answer.

  3. I hope the natropath can shed some light on Jayden's vomiting and balance. Live the picture, he is so precious! Keeping you all in positive prayer :). X

  4. Leisl, so glad that you are feeling a little more settled these days after the GREAT news of a clear scan! I know that it is not easy to see your little one still sick all the time. If it helps at all - I too have read of many kids who continue to vomit a lot after treatment. Gav is definitely a vomiter, he has been sick several times this year (and is right now too) with infections/bugs that have caused non-stop vomits. His tumour was the same position as Jayden's too. I think with all that they have been through they probably have issues with G.I. tracts and ears. Gav seems especially sensitive to pressure in his ears - he recently vomited on a plane due to motion and ascent/descent. Gavin is also not very steady on his feet, he seems to have good days and bad days too. (That has improved over time though) Hoping the naturopath is able to help. I have to go to see ours too... work on boosting my little man's immune system some more!

  5. So glad you are feeling better. I have said a little prayer for your peace of mind. I can't imagine how difficult your situation is and has been, but feeling a little lighter has got to be better for all of you.