Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jayden's been well and happy these past few days. No vomiting but am always scared to mention that just in case. He slept in this morning until 7:00 am which is huge considering he usually loves the early morning rises.
We had planned to go to Danny's parents house for breakfast as well so of all the mornings to sleep in it was today. But that was ok as we still managed to get there early and it was lovely. Lovely to be with family and lovely to get out of the house together, as a family.
I haven't got much to write today, feeling like I need a good sleep. Boys are asleep in bed, including Danny and Layla is up watching her tv program. Her and I will be in bed shortly.
I'm downloading photos off my phone at the moment as I can't use it properly due to all the storage space thousands of photos take up so time to get them off.
Not a big fan of technology as not the best at navigating my way through it all so when I'm downloading photos and then wiping them off my phone I have to say I'm a little nervous that somewhere in the process I may lose them. And that would be a tragedy. Hopefully I will get it right.
I take pictures everyday of my beautiful little man and his brother and sister and a video everyday. Want to capture every moment and the thought of losing those memories is tragic.

I have to say I'm a little numb this evening. Still digesting Thursday nights seminar. Not really knowing what to do with all those thoughts. More stuff I cant truly share with anyone for when I do, they don't understand. How can they? Our life is so overwhelming how could anybody possibly get it that isn't living it.

Ok, now i feel like I'm rambling. am very tired and what i should be doing is sleeping. Will do that now. Cuddle up to my little man and sleep. Hopefully it comes easily.

These photos are of Jayden and his baby at Nannas house.

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  1. Dear Leisl, I just read your story on the seminar, I would have love to have gone to it. Lets hope these Doctors can open up their minds and not let the pharmaceutical company's close any doors they may open. There are lots of other treatments now available in Germany and other parts of the world that don't use the three protocals and they have great success rates, but the FDA and AMA won't let them in Australia. Proton Therapy will be here in less than two years thanks to a private company. Dr Burzynski - Antineoplastons do work on childhood brain tumours with no side effects. I also recently watched a Story on Jack Andraka a amazing 15 year, who as found a way to diagnose early stage pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer. He is very inspiring, it is very up lifting to watch. I would like to write to him on an early test for childhood brain tumours. Every day always bring new hope and little closers to a curer.